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How does Organia help fight climate change?

¿Cómo Organia ayuda a luchar contra el cambio climático?

All products made by Organia have a renewable raw material, which is organic matter.

Once analysed, selected and transformed, we obtain a product of high agronomic value. Organic matter is deficient in most agricultural soils, with a large proportion of Spanish soils, having levels that many experts categorise as “not viable for agricultural production”, as in order to obtain the same yield it will be necessary to use greater amount of inputs and water, making production unviable. Due to this, Organia contributes to reducing the environmental impact of agriculture as it markets products that improve soil fertility parameters, enabling greater yields with reduced use of inputs.

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Our factory is the first fertiliser factory accredited as “Zero CO2” since it offsets its CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, thus minimising its impact and that of its products as well as that of the farms that use them.