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At the forefront of innovation

At the forefront of innovation

Our constant commitment to research has allowed us to be at the forefront of innovation, having the most complete and advanced agronomic and biotechnological laboratories in the sector, where the fertilisers of the future are developed.

The development of R&D&i testing is carried out in a physical-chemical analysis laboratory and a molecular biology laboratory, with the latest acquisitions representing an important revolution in the field of biotechnology. In it we carry out metagenomic studies with which we are able to sequence the genome of the different microorganisms present in the soil and therefore, see the characteristics of their microbiological composition.

We also have a plant physiology laboratory and NIRS technology for the categorisation of raw materials and mineral fertilisers.


Organia is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of fertilisers of organic origin, being pioneers in the use of this type of raw material for the production of fertilisers of high agronomic value. Therefore, we have an extensive technical service to provide personalised service to the farmer.