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HUMIFERT, soil regenerator with biostimulant effect. Thanks to the incorporation of organic matter enriched in humic extracts along with calcium and magnesium, and the synergy of these elements at root level, it manages to improve and enhance the soil. At a physical-chemical level, the association of humic extracts with calcium and magnesium manages to promote the formation of aggregates, which creates an ideal structure for the development of crops as well as multiplying the capacity of the soil to retain nutrients and water . Furthermore, the calcium provided plays a fundamental role in soils with salinity problems, since it has the ability to displace sodium from the clay-humic complex, revitalising the soil structure and minimising compaction problems. Added to all this and thanks to its high concentration of amino acids, it generates an inducing effect on the life of the soil as well as on the crop. Amino acids manage to activate the microbiota, increasing its quantity and diversity, and obtaining benefits derived from its activity, thus improving soil fertility. Likewise, part of these amino acids are assimilated by the crop, which increases its development and improves its response to stress situations.

Fertilizante orgánico pellet
Fertilizante orgánico polvo


Direct effect on soil fertility parameters, enhancing its productivity and that of crops.


Inducer of rhizospheric processes that activate the soil as well as the growth and multiplication of roots.


The organic energy compounds provided induce the activity of beneficial microorganisms.


It multiplies the soil's capacity to store nutrients and water, improving its availability and assimilation.

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