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AGRIORGAN, is a soil regenerating Organic Amendment, designed to provide organic matter in an optimal state for the improvement of the soil at a physical, chemical and biological level. The contribution of this highly transformed organic matter improves all its properties, providing a perfect environment for the development of crops, avoiding their deterioration and improving their fertility. It is the result of more than 30 years of experience in the research, design, development and manufacturing of organic fertilisers. Obtained from the transformation of quality organic materials, only sources of organic matter selected according to their properties and characteristics by our R&D department are used.


It has a direct effect on soil fertility, enhancing its productivity and that of the crops it supports.


It increases the porosity of the soil, guaranteeing water retention, aeration and facilitating root penetration.


It increases the nutritional potential of the soil, resulting in a greater quantity and quality of the harvest.

Certificados ecológicos

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