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Fertilisers with microorganisms

Soil regenerating fertiliser with biostimulant effect

Thanks to its high concentration of amino acids, it increases the development of crops and improves their response to stress situations. The main characteristic in the composition of these products is the incorporation of prebiotic and probiotic elements that enhance and induce the development of microorganisms that allow the crop to achieve greater fixation and assimilation of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium at root level, while at the same time enhancing fungistatic and nematostatic effects on the root environment.


Zero CO2

Zero CO2

Organia offsets the CO2 emissions derived from the manufacturing of products, managing to neutralise its Carbon footprint.

origen eco

Eco Origin

Eco origin

Eco Origin Manures authorised for use in Organic agriculture that stand out for their unique properties and quality, ensuring a guaranteed finished product.

Composting 4.0


Proprietary composting process, designed to obtain an ideal raw material according to the intended use of the product, based on the analysis of data obtained during the process.



Traceability Analysis and traceability of all batches produced, guaranteeing quality and safety, ten times more than the regulations require.

PGPR Microorganisms

PGPR Microorganisms

PGPR Microorganisms - Microorganisms potentially beneficial for plant development (PGPR), obtained thanks to controlled composting and selection of raw materials.