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We are leaders in the manufacturing of organic fertilisers

Lideramos la fabricación de fertilizantes orgánicos

Organia is a company that has been dedicated to the design, production and marketing of organic fertilisers since 1986.

We are pioneers in the use of these types of raw materials for the production of fertilisers, transforming them into products of high agronomic value. Research is in our DNA, being a reference in the European sector, we currently have 4 patents related to the production of organic fertilisers and treatment and transformation of organic materials. Organia is a company that has been aligned with the circular economy since its origins but day after day we continue to add achievements in commitment to the environment and sustainable development. Not in vain does we have the first fertiliser factory accredited as “Zero CO2” since we offset our CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, thus minimising our impact and that of our products as well as that of the farms that use them.

Fertilizante orgánico peletizado

Currently Organia is a national and international benchmark in the production of organic fertilisers, organo-minerals and organic amendments, with a manufacturing capacity of 120,000 tonnes per year

In its desire for research and sustainable development, Organia positioned itself as one of the pioneers in the design and manufacture of fertilisers authorised for use in organic agriculture, currently having 26 registrations of organic products.

Organia belongs to the Tervalis group, which includes different subsidiaries dedicated to the fertiliser business, which allows us to have the resources and strengths that come with belonging to a group that produces 1,800,000 tonness of all types of technological and sustainable fertilisers marketed throughout the world.

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Design, production and marketing of organic fertilisers